Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Spring Day Outside for Earth Day and Easter

Dandelions! A great sign of Spring...and need for weed killer for some!

Hiking out to the woods behind our school on this lovely sunny day!

See the bright green buds?

Look at the green grass around our school!

Green plants growing up from the brown leaves make us excited for Spring too!

We think these plants look like umbrellas.

Pretty green leaves and a purple violet!

Hangin' out in the woods--literally.

Just sitting around...

The river behind our school has new green growing by it too.

Happy Earth Day! B. found some barbed wire to throw in the trash. "Lucky me!" he said.

Cool boys on and by a rock.

Boys hunting for the Easter eggs the girls hid.

The girls are keeping their backs turned while the boys hide eggs for them to find.

Each team had 84 eggs to find! Both teams (boys and girls) found all of them TWICE!

The easiest way to count them was to put them in groups of ten.

Boys hide their eyes while the girls hide the eggs.

Girls hunt the eggs hidden by the boys.

More egg hunting.

More hunting!

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  1. I did a another Easter egg hunt when I got home! That was cool when we saw all those shells in the (creek or river) I threw a stick in the water and it rolled down the streem so fast! No wonder you didn't want us to touch the water! Evan though it was hot you could feel inside of you the water was going to be cold!