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This story is about a hippo and a tortoise. A lot of people found the hippo at the beach without his mama because he had nets around him. So they brought him to a park and took the nets off him. Then they took him to  the tortoise. The tortoise was always grumpy but he liked the hippo. You should read it and find out the rest!!!!!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter #1)

This story is about a boy named Harry Potter. His parents died because of an evil sorcerer named Voldemort. So he lives with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin Dudley. His Aunt, Uncle and Dudley were bullies to Harry potter . But a guy named Hagrid asked if the boy wanted to go to a magic school named Hogwarts. Once he got there, he met Hermione and Ron. Then Voldemort comes back to the school and tries to steal the Sorcerer's Stone. Harry tries to stop him.HE STOPS VOLDEMORT!That is very,very,very,very AWESOME!!! (The sorcerers stone is a red diamond that has powers.)

James' parents were eaten by a rhinoceros when he was four years old and he had to live with his awful aunts and they made him do awful chores. James was cutting wood and then he heard a noise and an old man gave him some magical crystals. James tripped and dropped all the crystals and they scurried underground to the peach tree. Some of them were eaten by bugs. A peach started growing on the peach tree that had never grown peaches. The peach got really big--like the size of a house--and people came to see it and they had to pay money to James' aunts. After the people had come to see it, James' aunts told James to pick up all the trash and he found a hole in the giant peach and  crawled in through a tunnel and a door. He ate some of the peach. Inside the peach were giant bugs that ate the crystals. There was Miss Spider, Old Green Grasshopper, Centipede, Earthworm, Glow Worm, Ladybug, and Silkworm. The next morning, James' aunts were run over by the peach and it kept rolling until it got to the ocean. Sharks tried to eat it but couldn't. They tied seagulls to the peach and saw Cloud-Men as they flew through the sky. They looked down and saw New York City and landed on the Empire State Building. They all became famous and lived happily ever after.

You should read this book. It's amazing because it's good for kids, it's fiction, it's funny, it's a happy book, it has a happy ending, your whole family could read it, and you can feel happy for the characters. It's not boring because weird things always happen and you really want to keep reading it. 

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