Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harry Potter mental images.

Harry with his scar

Many things

Dobby the house elf; Harry with the Weasleys in their flying car

Hagrid's baby dragon, Norbert

Harry's letters dropping on his head

Many things

Harry and the lock that the Weasley twins picked with Muggle bobby pins

Harry and Hedwig, his owl, in Harry's room

The purple and black fire

Fluffy, Hagrid's 3-headed dog

Harry, Ron, and Hermione

When we read, our brains make mental images. We have been drawing our mental images as Mrs. Overman reads to us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things in our Writers' Notebooks.

Kelsey's collections

Makensie's connections/dolphin story

Start of Avery's how she learned to tie her shoe page

Kendra's comic

Daetona's house map and family page

Start of Claira's dream page

Kodee's list of things he likes

Gavin's comic

Ashton's list of things he does

Kaleb's family and friends page

Abi's list of things she likes

Maddy's mouse story

Brady's cool words

Dominic's people page

Adam's time page

Nick's things he does page

The View From Here.

Small group word work

Reading with partners

Surrounded by books

Working in our Reading Notebooks

Making a Solar System poster

Readers make connections as they read.

  • Makensie: When I went to Hawaii, I saw a dolphin.
  • Dylan: I saw bubbles in a book and I see bubbles a lot.
  • Elizabeth: When the dog got hurt in my book it was sad. It reminded me of my dog who died.
  • Nick: When I was reading about the worm, it reminded me of when we read it because his teacher was so silly.
  • Beau: The map we're making about the Solar System--I made a connection. When I read about the Milky Way, it reminds me of Dora...when my sister watches it. We saw the Milky Way on there.
  • Maddy: I had a connection because my cat chases mice and in the book it had a cat chasing mice.

Monday, September 26, 2011

More Maps in our Writers' Notebooks.

Kelsey's stomach map and heart map

Yikes! Whose is this? Mrs. O can't remember. :(

Abi's family and friends map--done

Dominic's house map--done

Claira's house map--done

Beau's map of things he loves

Ashton's map of places he goes a lot

Makensie's map of her family

Elizabeth's stomach map

Breanna's heart map

Ashton's map of his day

Dylan's map of things he has