Monday, June 27, 2011

Superkiddos? Are you there?

Hey Superkiddos, Mrs. Ayres and I have a favor to ask! We are smack in the middle of our book and we'd like to have quotes from the Original Superkiddos in there, but we need some from you! (We'd like to put what you say in our book with your name). Here's what you do: Leave a comment on this post with your name and answer the question, "How do writing celebrations help you become better writers?"

Ian wants you to know that if you don't comment on here for his mommy, he is going to put the rest of his toys in the dishwasher to make her CRAZY!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

We went to the zoo!

Eating lunch before entering the zoo...or is this the zoo? I'm so confused.

Welcome to the zoo!

"Hello, Mrs. Willaman...will you share your crackers with me? Puh-leeze?"

"Oh, and my sister would like some too..."

"What are these kids doing here? I'm trying to preen."

The sky ride

A stork

According to the zoo signs, apparently hyenas are quite messy eaters and have terrible manners...much like some other people I know (who will remain nameless!).

I would like some bat-eared foxes for a class pet.

And one of these small cheetahs.

And a badger. But he would have to be declawed first.

And these lions would make great class pets too...okay, I want all the animals to be our pets.

Bill and Ina are some heavy duty lions.

This robin sat on her eggs in one part of the zoo. We think she is just renting this tree for the summer.

A wildebeest! One lady next to us told her kids it was a buffalo. Oh boy...

What's black and white a red all over? A sunburned zebra!

A banana Indiana!

Wallabies. They look tired...or mad...or maybe a little of both.

Sea lions getting a tan. I think they're already dark enough, don't you?

Look, it's Tacky! He's such an odd bird.

His friends, Neatly, Goodly and Perfect all just sit around all day staring at the rocks like good little penguins. But not Tacky.

He goes swimming! "Forget the rest of you guys! I'm gonna have some fun!"

Nice pedicure, Miss American Alligator.


Mrs. Overman isn't one to let a challenge go by.

What do you think? Do I make a good joey?

Moon jellies. Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? I have. Try not to get stung, k? Ouch.

I'm totally sure this is Shark from Shark vs. Train.

Next time you're afraid to swim in shark-infested waters, don't be. Oh,, I don't think that's what this means...

Awwww...BU, MH, and JE.

DT, KF, and CG.

Look, it's Mrs. Willaman! Did you know teachers ride log rides and have a great time when they're not watching their kids?

Somebody used some bright markers to color this birdie.

This peacock must be getting married tomorrow...she's in all white.

Hello, Miss Kangaroo!

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