Thursday, May 15, 2014

Drawing Realistic Faces

Mrs. Overman googled how to draw faces to help us draw more realistic expressions for our characters.

Our characters' faces look as different as ours do in real life!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy birthday, Gavin!

Hapy birthday to you, Gavin!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Illustrating with crayons.

We've learned that we can blend colors and make different shades of the same colors with our crayons. Look:

Haylee's shirt is the same color as her bow, but darker.

Trinity made the sky a darker blue at the top, just like the real sky.

Maddy used her crayons to do some outlining so she could color carefully.

Gavin P colored very bright, dark strokes to make his animals vibrant.

Look how Brooklynn outlined her shorts before she colored them.

Measuring Stuff (Outside)

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and measure things in inches and centimeters outdoors.

Friday, May 2, 2014

*(~News for the Week~)*

Another busy week has passed! Here's what we've done:

  • We've continued to work on our Illustration Study by showing our endings instead of just writing "The End." Check out our work HERE
  • We also have been learning that writers SHOW things with illustrations much more than they use words to tell us what's going on. Check out how we tried that HERE.
  • We've been reading to Mrs. Overman for long periods of time so she can measure exactly how much we've learned this year. So far we've ALL made super progress!
  • We have been learning to estimate in measurement this week, and we've dabbled with the metric system quite a bit. Ask us what the magic number is for the metric system! Maybe we can even remember what the prefixes "centi-" and "milli-" mean!
Important things you should know for next week:
  • IF YOU HAVEN'T RETURNED THE PERMISSION SLIPS FOR THE FIELD TRIPS, PLEASE DO SO ASAP. If you need financial assistance, please let me know that as well as soon as possible. 
  • Our first field trip is Friday, May 9 (also Gavin's birthday!) to the high school for Agriculture Day. We'll leave here at 1:15 and return at the end of the day. We'll take lots of photos to show you. We'll see lots of farm equipment, animals, and learn about crops. We won't need any chaperones that day, but thank you for asking...please come to the zoo with us!
  • It's supposed to be warmer next week (thank goodness!!!!), but on the chillier days, please have an extra sweatshirt or jacket that your child can keep in his/her locker...sometimes it starts out warm and gets cold, or just the opposite (yay, Indiana...).
  • A few kids will have to retake the NWEA computer test because of computer issues. So sorry. If you didn't receive results back on that yet, that's why. :(
Have a good weekend!