Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hello, Superkiddos!

Hey guys! Thought I'd post a little bit of what we've been up to on our vacation. I can't wait to hear about yours!

This break has been kind of hard for our family...Mr. Overman's dad died just before Christmas, so it's been sad around our house a lot, but...we've had some fun too. :)
Ian played with his cousin a lot! They liked drawing on the easel with chalk.

This is Ian, his cousin Julian, and Julian's mommy, Aunt Kelli.

This is Ian and Mr. Overman's mom, which makes her his grandma.

Ian and Julian both got fountains to play with in the bathtub. They really didn't want to get out.

Ian got his favorite thing for Christmas--a garbage truck!

Uncle Jonny and Aunt Heather also gave him a giant stuffed dog! What should we name him?

This is some of Ian's family.  Do you see him? His grandpa is holding him.  That is Mrs. Overman's dad.

This is more of our family.

Ian had been running around the family room like CrAzY!

The ugly sweater contest--boys.

The ugly sweater contest--girls.

This is Ian's Aunt Kelli, Uncle Ryan, Cousin Julian, and Grandma Overman.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Superkiddos! I miss you all! See you soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas by Ella, JB, TL, AW, and CG

Christmas Christmas
Is so fun.
You open presents
On Christmas day.
It's not about the presents
It's about Jesus' birthday!
Snowflakes are falling
Down down down
What are you doing on Christmas?

Christmas by MH, EC, PN, and AD

Christmas Christmas
Is so fun.
We open presents
In the morning.
On Christmas
Santa is coming
Tonight on 
Christmas Eve.

Santa, Santa, Please Don't Sneeze by KL, WH, BU, and TM

Santa, Santa
Please don't sneeze
You will wake us
Up in our sleep
You will see a sight
You will jump
With a big fright

Christmas Fun by Allie, KF, DJ, and BG

Christmas, Christmas
is a holiday time
Put up the ornaments
Put up the star
Angels await to come down
to give.
Snowflakes fall into your drifting mouth
Santa falls down your chimney
To give what you've been waiting for
Hooray hooray for Christmas DAY!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

GC: An Interview with Mrs. Holst.

What made you want to come here?
The chance to meet new students.

Why did you want to be assistant principal?
Because I like working with all kids.

Why didn't you just be a regular teacher?
Because I like working with all grades and teachers.

Why didn't you want to be a recess teacher?
Because I like to help kids learn.

Why didn't you want to be an art teacher?
I'm not good at drawing.

Why didn't you want to be a nurse?
Blood scares me.

Why didn't you be a writing teacher?
I was a writing teacher.

Why didn't you want to be a janitor?
Because kids are a lot to clean up after.

What do you do?
A little bit of everything.

What do you do to help Mrs. Woodard?
Attendance, counsel kids, and discipline.

What do you do all day?
Work with teachers and kids.

Mrs. Holst--thanks for your patience in this very extensive interview! GC took a lot of time thinking of these questions. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What a goofy thing to say, BG!

This is Mrs. Overman's favorite quote of the day:

"Mrs. Overman, my teeth are asleep this morning."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Good Quote.

We often talk about how nonfiction authors are teaching us about the subjects of nonfiction books; fiction authors teach us about how to feel.  We're always looking for the big idea of fiction books.  WH and I were chatting about this today.

He said, "You know, Mrs. Overman, I think Diary of a Wimpy Kid is just full of big people and they're always making bad choices, but the kid gets the blame.  I think Jeff Kinney is trying to teach us how to be better people when we read his books."

Ella: The Princess

AD: Mom's Cookies (A Poem)

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Love Snow Days: By Mrs. Overman

Hey Superkiddos, here's a peek into my snow day! How was yours?

This morning Ian and I were almost ready to walk out the door when someone called and said, "There's no school today!"  

At first I was kind of sad because I knew I'd miss all you superkiddos, but then I was very happy because I knew I'd be spending my day with my favorite superkiddo: Ian!

Here are just a few of the things we did today that I want to remember:

We cut vegetables, made potato soup, and mixed up some chocolate graham crackers.  Our favorite part is eating the dough. Yum!  Ian likes to sit on the counter and help me.

We read a lot of books today.  Sometimes we read together, sometimes Ian read by himself.  He has lots of books in his room!

We put another ornament on our Advent calendar that Grandma made many more days until Christmas?

Ian loves his Santa hat.

Daddy finally got home!  He missed all the fun today sitting in his office.

Monday, December 6, 2010