Monday, January 31, 2011

Polar Bears are awesome!

Superkiddos, I just found a really cool nonfiction video about polar bears! Check it out!

What do you think the main idea of this video is?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Did you know some dogs have jobs? A Captions Lesson

Hey Superkiddos! This week we'll be working on captions. Do you know what captions are? Well, go ahead...guess!

Captions are words that tell about a photo or picture. Did you guess correctly?

I know how much most of us lovelovelove dogs, so I found this cool photo album with lots of good captions about dogs. Actually, all the information is in the captions!

Here's a challenge...what kind of information do the captions include? What are the words saying in every caption? Are there things that are NOT in captions?
Click here to check it out!

National Geographic games...for (super)kid(do)s!

There are cool games here and this site has won some awards! Hope you like them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 100th Day!

EC tweets about our 100th day.

KF, CG, and ER work on a list of 100 good things.

Allie draws 10 groups of 10 things on her paper.

AD brought 100 Twizzlers!

PN works hard at our chart of 100 books we've read.

Kids who brought in collections of 100 things.

More collections: marbles, cars, and Silly Bandz!

PN and AD make a line of 100 pennies.

JB's circle of 100 cars.

KM and DT finally finish our chart of 100 books we've read this year.

CG and KF cheesin' for the camera with KF's Silly Bandz collection.

Look carefully! Allie, MH, ER, and GC measured 100 centimeters and 100 inches. Which one do you think is the centimeter line?

KL's Silly Bandz collection.

BG, BU, and WH make playing card houses out of 100 cards. They used three cards for each house, but one house had two cards. How many houses did they make?

EC wrote 100 words!

DT and CG work together to lay 100 pieces of pink and green yarn on the floor.

We made bead necklaces with 100 beads!

Look at all those beads!

More bead necklaces....

Then...our favorite thing...blowing up 100 balloons!

Here we are with 100 balloons.

Getting a little crazy....

Oh my....

Balloon Wars!

Nice hair, CG!

A happy ending to a wild day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AW, we miss you!

AW, hope you feel better soon! Some of us were worried that you'd moved, so I had to call your house! Your grandma told me you were very sick. We're so sorry you feel terrible. We can't wait for you to come back!

We are now UNsloppy!

After 99 days of school and only cleaning your desk a couple of times, this is what you get!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where we get our writing ideas.

Here's where we get some of our ideas!

1. Things we're thinking
2. Other books and stories
3. Stuff we like
4. Mrs. Ayres and other teachers
5. Our Writers Notebooks
6. Other people's notebooks (like Max's Logbook and Amelia's Notebook by Marissa Moss)
7. Charts around our classroom
8. The Internet

BG: Football

You can write a Zoom In page like BG to show your readers a more detailed picture of something.

GC: Things you need.

You can make a Things You Need page when you write nonfiction just like GC!

CN: Fred the Dog.

You could write a What Is page for your nonfiction book just like CN!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A cool site you might like, Superkiddos!

Use this site to play and publish your own books. You can even save your books to work more on them later.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A BrainPop Main Idea Movie about...ROLLERCOASTERS!

If you still aren't sure about how to find the main idea, check out this movie. Maybe it will say it differently and you'll understand it better.

Did you watch it? Do you understand what the main idea is now? If you do, read this funny comic! P.S. You won't think it's funny if you don't REALLY understand what the main idea is!

Moby has a main idea puzzle for you to solve! Are you up for the challenge?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

Oh, Superkiddos, our day got away from us and we didn't celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. very much today! First of all, let's make a few connections!

This is a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is Rosa Parks. She wouldn't give up her seat on a bus for a white person and was arrested!

Photo from The March On Washington where Dr. MLK gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech.  Hey Superkiddos--did you know my Grandpa Keller marched with Dr. King that day?  No, I don't see him in this picture, but he WAS there!

Here is a great video to get us started:

Show me the movie!

What did you think?  Here's something else to keep your brain thinking about Dr. King:

Draw about it!

Think you know everything now? Try this!

Sequence Game

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hey, Superkiddos! If a dog wrote a nonfiction book about dogs, what would he say in it?

Why is Mrs. Overman asking us this goofy question? She's gone batty!

No she hasn't!

She'll tell you all about it tomorrow...stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BrainPop Movie!

Hey Superkiddos, check out this movie then leave a comment to answer this question (if you want to):

Do you think this movie is fiction or nonfiction?

Click here for the movie. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mail Journal News!

Mrs. Overman took a picture of us becoming famous today but it's not on here...anyway, watch for us in the Mail-Journal either this Wednesday, January 12th, or next Wednesday the 19th.  We're telling everyone about our tweeting and how many friends we've made all over the world!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mrs. Overman is gone today: Online Writing Workshop!

Superkiddos, I have had a very long break! Our family has had some sad times this Christmas.  I'm so sorry I can't be there today to hear about what you've been doing for the past two weeks. Save your best stories for me for Tuesday! *wink*

When you write today, remember this: writers write to feel better.

Why do you think writing makes us feel better? Will you turn and tell your neighbor?

I would like you to write something today during no walk/no talk time that will make you feel better. It could be anything! Anything that makes you feel better.

But before you start, how about you read my notebook entry for today? Here it is:

This has been a long six months for our family.  Mr. Overman's dad has been very sick and he died two weeks ago.  Today was his funeral.  I felt sad and relieved at the same time.  Is that bad? I'm glad he's in Heaven. I'm glad it's over.  But we all miss him a lot.  Ian will miss his grandpa a lot.  It makes me have tears in my eyes thinking how sad Mr. Overman is.  But he's happy his dad is in Heaven too.  It's just a weird feeling for us.  We feel bad for being happy it's over, but we're sad too.

Sometimes I think it's like he's still here and we haven't seen him in awhile, then I remember that he died and I get sad all over again.  I wonder if anyone else does that?

Writers, it's your turn.  Be ready to share something you wrote that made you feel better.  Do you think it has to be sad like my writing?  

It's no walk/no talk time.  Find a comfy place to work by yourself.  Get everything you need.  Ready, set, off you go!  Happy writing!