Monday, June 6, 2011

Awards: One for everybody!

Here we are together after our award ceremony.

Some people didn't receive any "official" awards, so here's what Mrs. Overman is awarding us with:
  • Jett: Most outgoing
  • Emilie: Most athletic girl
  • Genesis: Most helpful and organized
  • Angela: Most independent
  • Jeff: Best drawer of spreads in books
  • Kylie: Most generous
  • Caytlin: Most concerned with her friends
  • Bode: Friendliest
  • Allie: Most books written
  • Delaney: Best colorful artist
  • Wesley: Knows most about lots of things
  • Mason: Best in math
  • Dillon: One who came out of his shell most!
  • Kyra: Most thoughtful (girl)
  • Tyrell: Works long and hard no matter what
  • Kolton: Most willing to stick with a project
  • Phoenyx: Most creative
  • Chris: Most easygoing
  • EllaMae: Best speller
  • Desirae: Most precise
  • Bailey: Knows most about things you probably don't
  • Aaron: Best go-cart rider
  • Aden: Most thoughtful (boy)

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