Friday, November 15, 2013

^^ News for the Week ^^

This week has flown by around here! We:
  • began studying poetry. We're learning that poets don't think like other people.
  • read to Mrs. Overman even more than normal, since she is testing us on our reading. That prompted her to remind us about why we read.
  • talked a lot about how reading can help us reach our goals as grownups.
  • learned that it's okay that we don't always LOVE reading, but we do it because it's good for us.
  • practiced checking ourselves for understanding as we read.
  • learned to add double-digit numbers AND regroup (carry).
  • had fun learning about assembly-line production and unit production during Junior Achievement.
Things to keep in mind:
  • Thanksgiving Break is November 28 and 29th.
  • Please send a heavy coat with your child. It's chilly and we're outside nearly every day.
  • Please sign and return the bottom part of your student's report card and the manila envelope as soon as possible. 

Happy weekend!

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