Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DT's Virtual Tour of our Classroom. Come on in!

This is Mrs. Overman. She is our teacher. She likes kids, dogs, and chocolate.

We sit on the couch only when we are couch potatoes.  Like today, the couch potatoes are ER, WH, and AD.

The books: you read them.  They are good. So good! The pictures help you!

These are pictures of the books we've read.  We like to remember what we read.

This is the stuff at the front of the room.  There is a number chart and a math chart too.  Our schedule and couch potatoes are up here too.

The Word Wall: You take a test with these words, then you put them on the wall. That's how you learn!

The computers: You type and type a lot of typing.  It is fun.  So fun! Yeah!

These are our lockers.  We colored our own nametags.  We keep our things in here, but they don't really lock.

This is our door.  Welcome to our class!

The board.  This board is where you draw.  It is fun, so fun! Who did it? It was Allie!

This is where we put our papers to take home.

The bathroom: you go to the bathroom.  When you got to go, you got to go!  The bathroom is nice!

Our writing center has everything we need to write!

The SMARTBoard.  You can tweet on Twitter to people.  That is fun and everybody does it! Yeah!

These are maps where we find people that we talk to on our SMARTBoard.

We say the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag every morning together with the whole school!  Every classroom has their own American flag.

The Charts.  You look at them and they give you ideas!

Our notebooks are so important to us.  They are a place for us to write anything and process life.

The TV: You could watch it. (Mrs. Overman says to tell you we don't, though.)

These are our desks.  We hardly ever sit here!  We like to work in other places around our room.

The front table is where we like to work together or where Mrs. Overman checks our work.


  1. DT, you are a great reporter! Everyone will know so many details of our classroom thanks to YOU!

  2. Thanks for sharing your classroom. It looks SO fun!

  3. I love your classroom!! I can tell you are learning lots of neat stuff. It makes me want to be in second grade again :)

    Mrs. Conroy

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this classroom! You are all AMAZING!!!!

    Mrs. Holst

  5. I love your classroom, too! My son, Aaron, is a second grader in Fort Wayne, and his classroom looks a lot like yours in many ways! Have a good day!