Monday, November 29, 2010

MH: Ornaments.


  1. MH, you are showing that you are an expert at more than just driving! I can tell that you must have had a mental image in your head while writing this included lots of things we need to know about decorating!

  2. Oh, you are putting me in the decorating mood! This is a lovely list book about Christmas. I especially like the way it goes through all of the different decorations, beginning the pages with "You..." or "Some people..." but then at the end, the page switches to "His..." It's a surprise ending, with this most important page last. Thank you for sharing it! We're starting to think about Christmas here too! Your Friend, Amy

  3. MH--You did an excellent job talking about Christmas and ornaments! I really like your pictures too. Just like Amy said, you are making me want to start decorating tonight. I'm glad you remembered the reason we celebrate Christmas on page 5! You are such a good boy.

    I can't wait for your next post.

    Aunt Mimi

  4. Hi mason its allie.your story makes me think of a lot of other awesome storys you've made!