Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Writers Zoom In and Out.

Elizabeth zoomed in.

Kendra zoomed in so you could see the paints this person is holding.

Maddy's zoom in

Beau zoomed out so you could see the whole room, including the spinning ceiling fan.

Gavin showed how big the Sun is by only showing half on his cover. The other half is on the back.

Gavin zoomed out and showed the whole Sun inside the book.

A zoomed-out pic from Daetona

Mya zoomed in on her people. They are much bigger this way.


  1. You have done some good work on zooming in and out with your writing.
    We are starting 'Describing settings' in our English work next week and will be doing a similar thing.
    Keep up the great work - I like seeing what you are doing.
    Mrs. Elrick (Taiwan)

  2. I liked Elizabeths picture how she zoomed in so you could see the smile on there faces.
    Alice (Taiwan)

  3. well done!

    Emma Taiwan.