Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Field Trip to Koinonia

Hunting for worms like birds do.

Worm hunting. The light-colored "worms" were easier to find in the grass.

Hmmm...deciding if it's a worm or not.

We collected our worms on a paper to see which ones we found the most of.

More worm hunting. Once many of the worms had been found, food became scarce and it got harder to find worms.

Putting our worms on our papers.

Almost done worm hunting.

We had to line up together and hunt for worms as a group. Together we walked, at the same time, across the field to find the last two worms.

After lunch we played outside in the cool air.

We got to use binoculars.

We went bird watching on our hike with our binoculars.

Inside there were lots of neat nature things to see.

We got to touch the fur of animals that used to be alive. These animals weren't hunted...they died in accidents, etc.

A fox

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  1. hehe nice job! PS:the fox is cute. Julia