Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Learning to Write Reviews.

Nick: Snakes are cool because they're awesome because they have sharp teeth and they eat eggs.

Brady: Ice cream is good and you can get sprinkles on it. And you can put caramel and chocolate on it.

Dominic: Soccer is fun. We play it every day at school and our team always wins. When we line up our team says, "We won!" Ready, get set, kick!

Timmy: Cats are a good pet to have. Cats are very nice. They are fun to play with. Cats do not like water to play in. If you see a cat on the road, tell someone. Cats can be funny. If you have a cat it has to be safe. If you have a cat and it is sick tell someone.

Makensie: Cats can be different colors. But you have to take care of them. Make sure you get them a a litter box. And get them a toy to play with. Ready, set, play!

Maddy: Halloween is fun to me. I love my costume because I am a witch. And my dad is someone that  cuts trees.

Mya: Cats are nice. Some cats have no homes and live on the streets. Those cats are called homeless cats. Sometimes you find kittens on the streets without mothers. Cats and kittens are very very calm with little kids. If you find kittens on the street without moms you can bottle feed them.

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