Friday, October 11, 2013

***News For The Week***

We have had another great week! This class is pretty special!

This week we have:

...worked hard learning word patterns that we each need to know to help improve our reading and spelling. We're doing great!
...did lots to make our reading lives better, like learned certain rules of our language, learned strategies for what to do when that doesn't work, and changed our books in our book bins so we'd LOVE reading. 
...have been working on fractions, money, time, and multiplication. We are becoming math whizzes!
...started deciding which story we'll be writing from our Writers' Notebooks.
...visited with firefighters and learned about fire prevention.

Things to keep in mind:
*we will be field-tripping on Wednesday, October 23rd to Doud's Orchard in Denver. Please return permission slips and money by this Friday. Also, any parents who would like to join us are welcome! Please just let me know in advance.

*we are out of snacks, so if you'd like to send some, that would be super, but not necessary. :)

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