Friday, April 25, 2014

What's Your Point?

We've been talking about how Mo Willems SHOWS us things with his illustrations as well as tells us things with words. We tried showing all kinds of things, but we had to keep one important question in mind at all times: WHAT'S YOUR POINT? In other words, what's our purpose in writing our books? What do we want our readers to think and feel while reading our stories?

Haylee showed us what it was like to take a trip to the zoo. She wanted her readers to feel that they were right along with her for her trip, and did this by showing many details.

Trinity wanted you to feel happy with her by writing a book about her first birthday party, so she showed herself and her mom in a happy way (happy faces, arms up).

Logen's brother, Bailey, caught a nice bass while fishing. Can you see how he zoomed in on Bailey's eye looking at his fish? He wants you to see how important that catch was to Bailey.

Cheyenned found her stuffed bunny. By zooming in and showing her arms and face in happy ways, she makes you feel happy too--all with no words!

Maddy, like Haylee, wants to take you on a trip to the zoo. That's her point!

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