Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SHOW your ending.

Good writers don't say "The End" when their stories are done. They SHOW their stories are finished, and make sure their readers feel like their stories are over, like we did:

Landon shows all the truck drivers working hard, then relaxing more and being happier while using a forklift later.

Eric showed the end of his trip where they stayed at his mom's friend's house.

Haylee showed the same parking lot at the zoo as the one in the beginning of her book, only this time, her car is driving away from the zoo instead of toward it.

Kaydin showed his exact same room (same furniture, etc.)...only it's FINALLY clean after being sooooo messy!

You know you're not supposed to stay at the zoo after dark, right? Maddy used stars to let you know it was time to go.

Gavin decided to let you know something at the end of his story.

Brooklynn thanked her mom at the end of her story.

Trinity's dad drove her home after being left at the park. She added a drawing of her house so you'd know the event was finally over!

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