Monday, December 13, 2010

I Love Snow Days: By Mrs. Overman

Hey Superkiddos, here's a peek into my snow day! How was yours?

This morning Ian and I were almost ready to walk out the door when someone called and said, "There's no school today!"  

At first I was kind of sad because I knew I'd miss all you superkiddos, but then I was very happy because I knew I'd be spending my day with my favorite superkiddo: Ian!

Here are just a few of the things we did today that I want to remember:

We cut vegetables, made potato soup, and mixed up some chocolate graham crackers.  Our favorite part is eating the dough. Yum!  Ian likes to sit on the counter and help me.

We read a lot of books today.  Sometimes we read together, sometimes Ian read by himself.  He has lots of books in his room!

We put another ornament on our Advent calendar that Grandma made many more days until Christmas?

Ian loves his Santa hat.

Daddy finally got home!  He missed all the fun today sitting in his office.


  1. Hoho I will remember thos he ser loves his santa hat he mit go krase win he hεεrs HOHOHO!

  2. I like your story and we like your sun.Rylie and