Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas by MH, EC, PN, and AD

Christmas Christmas
Is so fun.
We open presents
In the morning.
On Christmas
Santa is coming
Tonight on 
Christmas Eve.


  1. You guys really put some work into your poem. I love how you added at the end you put christmas eve instead of just christmas.People are really going to engoy your work. I know i did! The other 2 reasons are that christmas was coming up and you matched your poem with the holiday that was coming up!!!The other reason is that you wrote what christmas was really about.When I write poems like you do and I do what you do...I don't put periods in my poems and you did some stuff that I don't do in my poems.So you guys really taught me about how to do poems!!I really love learning!!I loved reading your poem and excellent work guys I loved it!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your poem, you all are very creative! I can't wait for Christmas now.