Friday, December 3, 2010

These kids are too funny.

So I totally spaced scanning in work to post from my kids today, but maybe this will satisfy you (and them) until Monday. 

We were having recess inside today and some of the kids were playing "house."  The dad of the house, Bode, came running up to me and said,

"Mrs. Overman, I am soooo not ready to have kids yet."

I was already cracking up.

"Why's that, Bode?"

"Well, see my kids over there? [points to a group of kids sitting in the corner]  They're not going to bed like I said, so they're just going to have to sleep in their pretend puke.  I wish they'd just go to bed.  I think I might just never have kids."

"Bode, you know, it doesn't get any easier when you're a grown up.  Good luck."


  1. Mrs.overman i think BG is the funniest person in our class too!!!

  2. Why do you call us funny you yous punctuation?