Monday, February 14, 2011

Nonfiction Writing Celebration, Part 1!

BG talked about his football book.

CG wrote a book about cheerleading and dressed like a cheerleader too!

Here's AW, a cat expert.

Look how many of our parents came...and it was in the middle of the day!

WH made a great book about dogs.

MH--another dog expert!

Ellamae is an expert on horses. See her book on the screen behind her?

KM: dirtbike and four-wheeler expert.

TL wore his helmet...he's also a four-wheeler expert!

DT is an expert swimmer. You can see part of her book on the screen, too.

KF dressed in some of her swimming clothes.

Here's EC's book cover about lunch with her parents.

Here EC shares her book with us.

BG: football expert. Can you see the number on his shirt and the football in his right hand?

GC: tractor expert. Love the flannel shirt!

PN might be an astronaut one day! She dressed in a very fancy shirt for her presentation.

Allie wrote a book about writing and is a very fancy presenter as well!


  1. Wow! I wish I had been at this celebration. Everyone must have learned so much about each other and the areas of expertise too. What a fabulous idea to have the books up on the big screen and to dress up in ways that reflected the books' content. Congratulations, writers. I am excited for you all!
    Your Friend,

  2. As I was reading our expert writing celebration I noticed you put captions! Mrs.overman i'm pretty shure the kids you put up on the blog are really going to thank you.Well happy writing mrs.overman and that was a good idea to share our expert writing celebration again! (: