Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nonfiction Writing Celebration, Part 2!

After the presentations, we went back to our rooms and had yummy snacks and drinks!

We also read our books.

KM, EllaMae, and TL hung out and read books by each other.

Look! MH's mom, Mrs. Haywood, came too! Doesn't she look proud?

Mrs. Woodard came to our celebration...and so did Mrs. Holst, but she managed to escape without being caught on camera!

Allie read other people's books too.

WH and GC smiled...but neither of them looked at the camera! Come on, guys!

Now there's a cheesy grin, GC! You can see DT in the background reading a book, too.

Allie's mom and dad BOTH came and spent some time reading and talking to us. How cool!

MH, your face looks so happy that your mom came!

Mrs. Ayres and Allie are both dressed like very fancy writing presenters!


  1. Everyone looks nices in there cloth
    Ellamae R.

  2. I thought that when kids and parents came to read our books in the inside it felt like people meant for you to feel great that you published a all about book.Ohh and great pictures mrs.overman. :)