Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Expert Writing Celebration!

Today we're having a writing celebration. It's where you have written a lot and you have a celebration because we all made All About books. Our celebrations are usually on Fridays.

We could either dress as something in our book or fancy, like we're doing a presentation. PN is fancy; ER is a cowgirl; KF is a swimmer; and CG is a cheerleader.

TL and KM are stunt riders; BG is a football player (see the football behind his head? He's about to throw it at the camera!); AW is a cat owner; MH is a dog owner.


  1. Everyone looks great! I can't wait to attend the celebration.

  2. Details, details! When is the celebration?

  3. I think our class did a good job of picking a fun topic to write about and everyone also did a good job of picking a outfit that goes with their book.ohh ya you guys look fancy and pretty cool too!(:

  4. I loved our writing celebration! The funnest part about are writing celebration was people came in and read are books and I felt like people really enjoyed are books. Thanks for the writing celebration mrs.willaman and mrs.overman! (: