Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Partner Reading + The View From Here.

"We like reading because we can just get caught in the book if we're having a bad day," says Avery.

"I think reading is good for you and if you get stuck in a book you can always start over," says Daetona.

"Reading with a friend is good because we have a lot of friends around and they have books," says Taylor.

"It's fun to partner read because people like to have fun reading together," says Elizabeth.

"Reading is good for your brain!" Elizabeth says.

"I like partner reading because it is fun to read and find stuff [in books] together and you can find it by yourself but it's a little hard," Beau says.

"If you're reading a book and if you don't know about something you can look it up or you can ask your partner," says Mya.


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