Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What we love about reading.

Kendra: "That you can read fast and move on to another exciting book."

Kelsey: "You can learn things in books."

Beau: "I love about reading that it's very exciting and you  can have more books that you actually really really really like from first grade that are here."

Daetona: "Books are cool to look at and they can be good books and bad books."

Mrs. Overman: "I love being in the middle of a book and knowing the characters and feeling like I'm living with them."

Abi: "Reading is nice and books are kind of hard and not that hard. I love books because they have details and pictures."

Gavin: "I like books because they might be very good books that you might like and they might be cool."

Nick: "I want to read books because the pictures are cool and you have to read books to learn."

Caleigh: "Books are great to read because they can help you learn."

Dominic: "Books are good for you because they're good for your brain."

Avery: "I like the pictures and how they print the words."

Mya: "I can read books over and over again and it's fun to learn how to read."

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