Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where we spend our day.

Check out our room. We're sorry we don't have work to show you yet...our scanner and SMART Board aren't working right now. We'll get there.

Kids sit at tables if they want to. Their supplies are mostly stored in the closets.

View of one of the meeting areas (in front of the SMART Board). We're pretty crowded this year, but it works.

A few bookshelves. Books are grouped in many ways--by author, by type of book (books about writing, etc.), by genre. It changes often as we need it to.

Loveseat and a chapter book turntable.

More books

Some great books facing out to entice the kids to read them just like a bookstore would be!

My fave retro couch. Notice the book basket on top of the cupboard. In it are some of our other favorite books that kids might like to lounge and read. My reading philosophy: you should be swimming in words. Surround yourself with good books and they become part of who you are.

My new Harry Potter philosophy for the year. I {HEART} Harry. Always.

On the right are the kids' empty book bins. My teacher computer and few supplies I use each day are around here somewhere. Kids can work here too.

What kids are doing while I teach small group reading. Thank you, Cathy Laker and Debbie Diller! Move the centers, not the kids' names!

Opening lesson for reading and writing workshop today. I teach; we work; we share. Got it?

Today's schedule with our helper of the day.

View from the doorway. Lots of books! Notice there are more books on the windowsill to tempt kids.

More supplies hiding in the cupboard.

Kids make their own locker tags.

Keepin' it real, peeps. The bathroom and just outside it are pits right now. Oh well. We can't all be perfectly organized, can we?

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