Friday, September 2, 2011

News for this week.

Hi there! This week we have:

  • learned ways writers add detail to their pictures
  • discovered how reading can take us places
  • chosen just-right books
  • worked with fact families
Things to remember for next week:
  • No school Monday. Happy Labor Day!
  • Book orders are due by Friday, September 9th.
Spelling words for next week: the same as this week. We haven't had enough time to practice and I didn't feel it was fair for the kids to have to do a test today. In case you lost the words, they are: 
  1. are
  2. could
  3. first
  4. how
  5. many
  6. other
  7. there
  8. very
  9. use
  10. zoo

Happy weekend, Superkiddos!

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