Monday, September 26, 2011

In-Progress Maps in our Writers' Notebooks.

Dominic's map of his house

Mackensie's map of her day

Abi's map of her family and friends

Claira's map of her house

Gavin's map of the solar system

Kodee's map of his bedroom

Mark's map of his house

Breanna's map of her family

Kaleb's map of his house

Dylan's map of his face

Elizabeth's map of her face and her house

Timmy's map of his favorite place at the lake


  1. Hi Guys! I'm with some primary teachers today and we think your blog is super cool.
    Happy writing,
    Mrs. Ayres

  2. Your Writers' Notebooks are WONDERful! We really enjoyed looking at them all!

    Your Friends in Wonderopolis

  3. i like how all of you guys had all kind of maps.i like how everyone add detail