Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Readers make connections as they read.

  • Makensie: When I went to Hawaii, I saw a dolphin.
  • Dylan: I saw bubbles in a book and I see bubbles a lot.
  • Elizabeth: When the dog got hurt in my book it was sad. It reminded me of my dog who died.
  • Nick: When I was reading about the worm, it reminded me of when we read it because his teacher was so silly.
  • Beau: The map we're making about the Solar System--I made a connection. When I read about the Milky Way, it reminds me of Dora...when my sister watches it. We saw the Milky Way on there.
  • Maddy: I had a connection because my cat chases mice and in the book it had a cat chasing mice.

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  1. We're working on making connections in our class, too! We've been making connections between ourselves and our books and between books that we've read.