Thursday, December 15, 2011

Make your illustrations realistic.

Mrs. Overman had to draw everything from the same point of view. It looks like you're flying above the land.

Look how real Timmy's dad's gun looks.You can even see the stripes on the raccoon and the bark on the tree. Oh, and Timmy WAS awake during this time...he just looks sleepy!

Daetona's day that she wrote about was sunny and clear. Can you tell?

You can see Beau drew tracks and spokes on his wheels so his vehicle looks real.

Notice how real Mark's fire and tree look. You can even see the coal under the fire.

Sorry it's so fuzzy, but Gavin's tree is decorated like a real Christmas tree!

To keep her page realistic, Kelsey had to draw her characters from the side because they're talking.

Abi made her house look as real as it gets! We can see the chimney, the slide and playhouse, and the door!

Makensie dressed her character. Who wants to read a stick-people book? (Well, except for Diary of a Wimpy Kid....)

Writers make their illustrations realistic so readers will take them seriously.

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  1. I love all your realistic books! Anybody writeing any Christmas storys?