Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You can do lots with crayons.

Yikes! Mrs. Overman took away our markers! We were sad, but she taught us some things writers and illustrators do with crayons. Don't tell...but we kinda like it!

You can use your eraser to rub over your coloring and make it lighter in places.

You can color, then scratch with your fingernail to make cool textures...this one isn't done yet.

You can color in your letters like David Shannon.

You can write important words in crayon.

You can make a background with crayon and still read your words well.

You can outline with crayon, then color lighter inside the outline like on these trees.

You can color in lightly with crayon, like the purple on the outside of Adam's picture, or you can color hard and make it dark, like the middle of his picture.

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  1. you guys have even more ways to do with crayons then I thought!