Thursday, April 24, 2014

News for the week

We have had one of our busiest weeks EVER! This week, we:

*learned how to measure in inches and centimeters
*studied many illustration techniques (which you have hopefully seen all week as we posted them on our blog)
*almost finished redwing The Tale of Despereaux
*took our final NWEA tests on the computer for the year
*had spring pictures taken
*played and worked outside (yahoo!)

More things you might like to know:
*Permission slips for all three field trips we're sent home his week. Please sign them and return them with $4 ASAP.
*I will send home the results of our NWEA computer test as soon as they are available next week.
*Midterms will be sent home tomorrow. Please call or stop by if you have questions or concerns.
*Just a reminder: we do not have enough space available for parents to attend the first two field trips. However, we'd love for you to come with us to the zoo (but you MAY have to drive your own vehicle). Please DO NOT bring siblings along to the zoo...this is a time for you to celebrate the end of second grade with just your second grader. 

Have a super weekend!

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