Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 100th Day!

EC tweets about our 100th day.

KF, CG, and ER work on a list of 100 good things.

Allie draws 10 groups of 10 things on her paper.

AD brought 100 Twizzlers!

PN works hard at our chart of 100 books we've read.

Kids who brought in collections of 100 things.

More collections: marbles, cars, and Silly Bandz!

PN and AD make a line of 100 pennies.

JB's circle of 100 cars.

KM and DT finally finish our chart of 100 books we've read this year.

CG and KF cheesin' for the camera with KF's Silly Bandz collection.

Look carefully! Allie, MH, ER, and GC measured 100 centimeters and 100 inches. Which one do you think is the centimeter line?

KL's Silly Bandz collection.

BG, BU, and WH make playing card houses out of 100 cards. They used three cards for each house, but one house had two cards. How many houses did they make?

EC wrote 100 words!

DT and CG work together to lay 100 pieces of pink and green yarn on the floor.

We made bead necklaces with 100 beads!

Look at all those beads!

More bead necklaces....

Then...our favorite thing...blowing up 100 balloons!

Here we are with 100 balloons.

Getting a little crazy....

Oh my....

Balloon Wars!

Nice hair, CG!

A happy ending to a wild day!


  1. Wow! Happy 100 days! This was such a fun post to read. Thank you very much for being my faraway blogging friends. I'm thinking that your class could write a wonderful poem about 100 days!

  2. Bode wus in two pikchers with 100 marbolls Bode you crak me up & I crak you up to.

  3. I loved are 100 day! Mrs.overman I thought that was a good idea to share are 100 day to people and friends around the world And BG you also crack me up!(: