Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mrs. Overman is gone today: Online Writing Workshop!

Superkiddos, I have had a very long break! Our family has had some sad times this Christmas.  I'm so sorry I can't be there today to hear about what you've been doing for the past two weeks. Save your best stories for me for Tuesday! *wink*

When you write today, remember this: writers write to feel better.

Why do you think writing makes us feel better? Will you turn and tell your neighbor?

I would like you to write something today during no walk/no talk time that will make you feel better. It could be anything! Anything that makes you feel better.

But before you start, how about you read my notebook entry for today? Here it is:

This has been a long six months for our family.  Mr. Overman's dad has been very sick and he died two weeks ago.  Today was his funeral.  I felt sad and relieved at the same time.  Is that bad? I'm glad he's in Heaven. I'm glad it's over.  But we all miss him a lot.  Ian will miss his grandpa a lot.  It makes me have tears in my eyes thinking how sad Mr. Overman is.  But he's happy his dad is in Heaven too.  It's just a weird feeling for us.  We feel bad for being happy it's over, but we're sad too.

Sometimes I think it's like he's still here and we haven't seen him in awhile, then I remember that he died and I get sad all over again.  I wonder if anyone else does that?

Writers, it's your turn.  Be ready to share something you wrote that made you feel better.  Do you think it has to be sad like my writing?  

It's no walk/no talk time.  Find a comfy place to work by yourself.  Get everything you need.  Ready, set, off you go!  Happy writing!


  1. My dad died 16 years ago and I still miss him. I don't cry anymore but I do have an empty spot in my heart. One thing I have learned is that, although my dad is now in heaven and I can't see him anymore, he lives on through my brothers, through me, his grandchildren and all our wonderful memories.

  2. What a wonderful idea to post the lesson on the class blog. We have a class blog and it has been previously used to report what we have done. I like the blog to also be used as a tool in the present.
    Also, sharing your thoughts and feelings is a wonderful way to get children to put their feeling down on paper. This usually sparks stories about a pet or grandparent who has passed. Thanks and sorry for your loss--
    Maria Mallon

  3. What a sweet way to describe the conflict of joy with sorrow/ relief mixed with grief after the death of one so loved! So many grown-ups think children are too young to understand a death.....but children have hearts & feelings that are very perceptive. And many kiddos have already experienced a loss of someone they love. Your class is blessed indeed to have a teacher that expresses not only her thoughts, but also her heart to them!