Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Day Out on the Town!

Lining up outside our school to walk around town.

See the yellow house with the green roof? DH says her aunt used to live there...and so does the ghost of someone named Maggie.

This is the lake in our town and the marina where you can get gas for your watercraft and bait for fishing.

This is the road where the Dixie Boat is.

We had a picnic at the park before we rode the Dixie boat.

The Dixie is an old boat that has given tours for many years on one of the lakes in our town. Many people have ridden it.

Look! It's Mrs. Metcalf! She used to teach music at our school for many years and now she does many other things, like help the Dixie stay afloat, in our community.

Here we are boarding the Dixie. It was unseasonably cold that day...about 50 degrees.

Lots of us stayed downstairs on the was a little warmer down there.

This is where the captain, Jody, sits to drive the boat.

This is the top floor of the boat.

After we rode the boat we walked to our town library.

This is the main street in our town. The stores on the left are called "The White Front Shops."

This is Pilcher's. There are some stores in this castle and, according to some people, tennis courts ON TOP!

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