Friday, May 20, 2011

Superkiddos: Newsletter to your parents!

I hope you all have had a great week--we have!

This week we have:
* worked hard on getting everybody's testing completed for reading. Grades will be up soon!
* had our last Pow Wow for the year.
* nearly completed our best books EVER!

Things you should know:
* Next week is our Dixie Boat field trip. We'll be riding the Dixie boat on Friday unless it's storming (even in the rain--we won't melt!).
* Grades will be up very soon and NWEA (computer) test results will be coming home soon as well.
* We are done with spelling tests for the year. We need to complete some other final assessments and spelling isn't one of them!
* Conduct folders haven't been coming home lately because we haven't really needed them (yay!). Your students are still receiving BEST bucks, though.

Have a great weekend!
Oh, and the fire drill at the end of the day--it was because something in the Art room got too hot. :)
Mrs. Overman

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  1. Still can't wait for the Dixie boat ride next week! I can't wait to show our best books ever cause I need to hurry up cause our writing celebration is eather this week or the week after! I can't wait to see my grades eather!