Friday, May 13, 2011

Farm Day!

We learned about how to plant tomatoes.

We learned you need to wear a helmet when you ride a horse and you need to do a lot to take care of them. Do you know the difference between hay and straw? Hay is what horses eat, straw is for their bedding.

You can see a horseback riding helmet.

We learned cereal, bread, and cake are made from bread. Pop (soda) is made from corn.

Indiana's biggest agricultural product is ducks. In a town in our school corporation, they raise ducks for Presidential dinners at the White House. Ice cream is the second-favorite dessert in the US. Cookies is #1.

We ate ice cream! It tasted like homemade!

Here we are getting ready to see the farm animals.

Here we saw baby ducks. Baby ducks don't like to swim when they're tiny. These were just born a few days ago.

Here's a goat named Maggie.

Mrs. Overman fell in love with this giant bunny.

She hopes Mr. Overman will let her get one for her class next year.

Look how cute he is!

Cows are awesome. This one was very stubborn and he has a "star" on his forehead.

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