Thursday, May 19, 2011

KM: Me and My Dad

Me and My Dad

Me and my dad went to go fishing in Canada. I caught a bass, a Northern Pike, and my dad caught big fish. My dad is like the best dad in the world.

This is the cabin. This is our shed. The shed broke down in the winter.

We stayed there for two weeks. The best part was me and my dad were together the whole two weeks.

I love my dad. He almost did everything for me. He was really really brave. When we came back from Cananda into Indiana we went to the lake but all we caught were tiny fish. It was not as fun as Canada. In Canada we had a blast. It was super duper fun!

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Well done KM! In your words they are just awsome! I like how you said, but it wasn't as fun as canada. Well heres a question did have fun with your dad without fishing in canada?...