Friday, May 6, 2011

A Digital Newsletter for Superkiddos and their Parents.

Things we did this week:
  • worked on our final writing projects for the year...our BEST BOOKS YET!
  • learned about quotation marks and the many ways they're used.
  • took two NWEA computer tests and did GREAT!
  • had a concert celebrating Spring.
Things to know for next week:
  • No spelling test next week. There are so many things going on and we need to test other things instead! Too many tests make for a crabby teacher and tired kiddos!
  • Our first field trip is Friday, May 13th. We will be going to the high school to learn about agriculture from WHS students in the morning.
  • Please be sure your student has turned in his/her field trip permission slips and money by Thursday, May 12th. I have only received about half of them.
Superstars of the Week:
  • CN: Thanks for sharing your birthday treats with us. You are so kind and we love that you're a great friend in our class.
  • KL: You have done a great job being friends with everyone and trying to live peacefully. You've become such a great (almost) third-grader!
Happy Mother's Day to you all! Superkiddos--give your mom or grandma an extra smooch this weekend.
Mrs. Overman

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  1. I LOVE your digital newsletter! Maybe when I grow up I can have a blog, too! It sounds like great things are happening in your neighborhood.
    Mrs. Hickman