Wednesday, May 4, 2011

KL: The Maker of Easter Eggs

The Maker of Easter Eggs

Once there was a boy. They called him the Maker of Easter Eggs. He gave Easter eggs to all the kids! He was very nice to everybody. All about Reed: 8, loves making stuff, loves kids

"Tomorrow it was Easter!" Reed's mom said. "What?" said Reed. Get your sled ready." "Okay Mom."

Today was Easter! "Oh no!" said Reed. "What?" said Reed. "Mom, my sleigh broke down..."

"Don't worry," said Reed's mom. "Your dad will fix it, okay?" "Okay," said Reed. "But Easter is in 100 seconds!"

"Reed, come here!" said Reed's dad. "Okay," Reed said. "I'm sorry, I cannot fix it." "DAD!"


So Reed fixed it. "Yay! To deliver I go!" So he went off.

"To the first kid we go."

So is the story of a little boy named Reed. How he had a good Easter.

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