Monday, March 17, 2014

Harry and Izzy

My kids and I have spent the last three weeks looking desperately for ANY possible signs of Spring. ANYTHING. The lake in our yard just begins melting, then freezes again, much to our dismay. The snow FINALLY melts enough to see the grass, then it snows disappointing. 

But you can't deny the return of all our waterfowl: the ducks, geese, and cranes. Yesterday we saw our lake's two swans swimming in the only open water available to them, right near the tube where the water runs into the creek to Winona Lake. Poor babies. Ice, ice everywhere...except for 10 square feet of what I can only imagine is near-freezing cold water. Those two swans decided to make the best of their return, I suppose, by going for a little stroll across the frozen lake. I mean, why not? What else is there to do? There's no food for them, and apparently the swan weatherman that recommended they return home for Spring was's a bit to early. 

So Ian, Brenna, and I watched them plod, plod, plod across the ice. We wondered how in the world they walked without slipping...we could tell they were walking more carefully and lightly than they normally do on the grass, almost like they knew they might just fall. And secretly, we kind of hoped the would slip, just a bit, to see what would happen (but we didn't want them to get hurt). We decided we'd name them Harry and Izzy. They love our yard anyway in the summer and spend lots of their time there, so naming them just adds to our comedy.

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