Friday, March 7, 2014

News for the Week.

Hi everyone! We've had some better weather, but we still have yet to set foot outside. We're holding our breath we can maybe sneak out today for a bit!

Things to know for this week:
  • I have been assessing the students one-on-one since the third trimester began this week. We are seeing some nice improvements...I think we'll see so much growth by the end of the year! That being said, we didn't do spelling words this week and we won't have them next week either. I've been spending the time I'd normally use for small group reading time and word work assessing, and will continue that through next week. I'll send home spelling words AFTER next week, so our first test of the third trimester will be Friday, March 21st. 
  • You can still order spirit shirts, but they might not arrive in time for family fun night. But again, you can still order them and wear them anytime!
  • We've been doing something called a Slice of Life Challenge in writing workshop this week. We've been writing small "slices" (events) that have happened in our lives. We're writing one extra minute each day, and we're working on conventions as well as things like dialogue and sentence structure. It's a nice little change from our nonfiction unit we've been working on!
  • We're still studying nonfiction in reading workshop as well. It's been so neat to see the kids learning to read smarter in nonfiction. They are learning and growing by leaps and bounds. :) 
  • We've been doing triple-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping this week, as well as counting money up to $2.00. We are doing GREAT! 
Things to keep in mind for the next few weeks:
  • Spring Break is April 7-11. No school!
  • Keep reading at home for 20 or more minutes a night, just for fun!
  • We will PROBABLY be going outside next week (cross your fingers!), so please make sure your students have appropriate clothing, including snow boots. They are more limited as to where they can play outside when they DON'T have snow boots.
  • We could use some more healthy snacks if you'd like to send some...big thanks to all who sent some the last two weeks. The kids sure love having a little pick-me-up in the afternoon!

Happy weekend! Enjoy the sunshine today!

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