Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mrs. O's Slice of Life

I am aching for summer.

Okay, not even summer--spring would be fine too. Warm, sunny days--anything but this grey, cold, wet mess we've had since November. What a long winter. 

Today (and really everyday, if I'm honest), I've caught myself daydreaming again of my backyard in summer. The beautiful blue sky reflected in the lake, the gentle breeze blowing that slightly stinky, familiar smell of the water in the yard, the lush golf-course-green grass grown so heartily by our underground spring (good for our yard, bad for our house!), the bright green sprouts pushing up through the dark, the feel of the soft dirt in the garden under my bare feet, the sound of my dogs' collars jingling as they chase ducks out of the fence, the laughs of my kids digging in the sandbox or swinging, the birds-eye-view from our treehouse, the honking of the geese, the hollow sounds of the swans, the rumble of a boat, the sound of the water gently lapping our pier....

I know it's coming. I do. 

I am forever reminding myself to live--really live--in the present, not the past, not the future...but in this case, I've given myself an exception. Living in what's to come is a must for me right now. It gives me hope that we'll celebrate once again the beauty we're surrounded with. Soon we'll be outside. We'll feel that warm, humid Indiana sunshine again...we must!

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