Monday, March 3, 2014

Slice of Life Challenge: Mrs. Overman

I decided on Saturday afternoon that I couldn't stay inside any longer. The sun looked so nice and warm, some of the snow had melted off the roads, and I needed OUT! I suited up for the chill: sweats, heavy coat, gloves, and a hat; my walking buddy, Riley, was up for the task, of course. If only I had a built-in winter coat like her, I'd be set!

We headed down the road to the greenway. There was almost no wind, but it was frigid outside. I saw a thin momma deer and her twins looking at us as if to say, "Please help, we're so hungry!" I wish there was a way. I mean, the deer on our trails are typically not too skittish; they're used to seeing hundreds of people walking each week. But the fact that they were all but following us made it hard to think about what they must be feeling.

Up the trail I headed...patches of ice dotted the walkway; Riley stepped on the taller snow piles, but they were so crunchy, she and all her 70 pounds didn't even make tracks. I covered my nose and mouth with my hand to prevent the cold air from burning my face. Brrr! Ten minutes was all we could stand.

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