Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mrs. Overman's Scary Slice.

Slice of Life Challenge, Day 2.

Last summer, we had a teeny baby girl and a newly-turned three-year-old napping peacefully in our house, when suddenly, a fierce thunderstorm blew through our neighborhood. The sky was dark grey; trees were swirling; debri flew through the air. "What should we do?!" I asked Mr. Overman. We didn't have a basement in that house. "Should we wake the kids?" We had no cell phone reception, no TV reception, and the electricity had gone out. We ended up watching out the front windows, hearing the hail pelt the roof. Soon a tree snapped and fell on our neighbor's house.

We woke the kids, but decided to wait out the electricity outage. Surely it would come back on soon. We'd never been without power for more than two hours. Four hours passed. Then six. Pretty soon it was bedtime. The house was SWELTERING hot...probably a balmy ninety degrees. We all were in as little clothing as we could stand. Baby Brenna slept in just her diaper, Ian in just his sleep shorts. I'm not sure how much any of us slept that night.


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