Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beware of the Frog!

William Bee gives us lots of clues about Mrs. Collywobbles in this book...but you must look carefully as you peek in her windows. If you don't peek in her windows, you miss out on getting to know Mrs. Collywobbles better.

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  1. Yes Mrs.Overman William bee does give us a lot of clues in Mrs.Collywobbles windows. I wonder if William bee has ever made a book like Patrica polaco were he put real pictures on a shelf or desk? I also noticed in Beware of the frog that William bee wants are atention when he says Ohh theirs little miss Collywobbles hiding in her bedroom! Who has she seen come out of THE BIG DARK SKARY WOOD? Well that's all for now Mrs.Overman! We will talk more about beware of the frog at school! BYE!