Friday, March 18, 2011

Things Mrs. Overman Learned While Mailing Our Package to Ireland. (Slice of Life)

1. You may have to go to the post office three times before you can actually mail your package.
2. If you're mailing things overseas, you must fill out customs forms so the government knows what you're sending. They are very complicated!
3. A package full of snacks costs a lot to mail!
4. The post office ladies are very nice and promised that the package would arrive safely.
5. People are always surprised when they see a package that has cool kid writing on it that's going to the kids' friends in Ireland.

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  1. I think our class all had a great time mailing,and colering,and having a great time! The worse thing was when tartey people came in and we had to take the packege a part over and over again. That was excausting!,but the good part was that everyone got along and we all had a great time colering our package so we could mail it to Irelend.Well BY! for now! See you later! From Allie H.