Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Candies from Ireland! By MH and KL

The chocolate was good! The chips were good too. The chocolate was very rich and gooey in the middle. Mrs. Overman noticed that lots of our chips are flavored with cheese and the chips from Ireland were onion or chicken or salt and vinegar flavored. Our chocolate in America is mostly Hershey, and Irish chocolate seems to be mostly Cadbury. Some of the chocolate had fruit in it. The gummies were good and tasty! If you tried them, you'd like most of them! Everything we tried was yummy!


  1. I've been following your tweets with @mrquinnsclass I'm a teacher in Ireland too and have loved watching both classes enjoy the new sweets! Makes me hungry reading your blog post!

  2. You MH and KL did a great job telling our Irelend tasting day! Maybe next time I can make a story with you guys! BYE!