Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We tasted candy and chips from Ireland!

Here are our treasures! We were jumping around and screaming when Mrs. Overman opened them. She tried to take a picture of all the hulaballoo, but it was blurry (imagine that!).

You can see more of our treasures here.

If Mrs. Overman had a dollar for every time she had to tell us to stop screaming and sit down she'd be able to take a trip to Ireland herself!

Trying the Emerald Irish Caramels.

Those caramels were very chewy!

Did we mention how chewy those caramels were?

Ready for the next thing to eat!

KM is eating a sour fruit candy called Maynards Sours.

See the bag of Randoms? It was so full of many different shapes of gummies, like cell phones and rocket ships! What fun! No one got the same thing twice!


  1. In the picture "Trying the Emerald Irish Caramels." It looks like WH is thinking about getting caramels from his neighbor.

  2. That is so cool! How neat for your kiddos to have these experiences!!! Second graders ROCK!

  3. will you save some for me

  4. Those chips and candy were GREAT! And Mrs.Overman is saving some candy for you ER and AW. Thanks for the awsome day Mrs.Overman! BYE!

  5. Thatnk you mrs.Overman for saving some for me and AW.I was a 100.6