Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BG: Robo Destroyer!

Can you find Itty-Bitty Bot on each page? (Click on the image to view it bigger.)

There was a robot named: Bailey. He protects this world from evil! 

He was walking along and there was a . . . BAD GUY! Named Wesley. He was loading a truck full of money! That he robbed! He chased him down! On his motorcycle!

He caught him! 

And smashed his car.


  1. Go Bailey, that Wesley is such a BAD guy!

  2. I love how your makeing your story make sense.
    It's very hard for writers to make their story exactly how they want it,but you BG you just wanted to take your time.You just went along paying no attention to what part you were in, in your story. I can tell you were doing all that was because in your mostly pictures you showed us in your pictures you wanted to show WH the evil villen he was being bad cause you showed how the wheelbarrel had a bunch of MONEY in it. Well great JOB BG! BYE!